Winter gardens

The winter garden is a special and unique addition to the interior of your home. With large glazing and maximum lighting, you can positively affect the well-being of your household. The winter garden can be a bright living room, a refreshing home garden or sunny dining room. Properly planned and built, it plays the role of a heat storage room for the whole house, while contributing to lowering energy bills. The winter garden also increases the usable area of the house encouraging family time.

  • Individually developed skeleton, garden construction, made of aluminum resistant to adverse weather conditions
  • Comprehensive consultancy in the field of design and assembly
  • Ventilation ensuring comfort of using the garden throughout the year
  • The use of tilting windows, mechanically or electrically controlled

Winter gardens Schemes



An individually developed skeleton – garden construction, made of aluminum by TS Aluminum, which is resistant to adverse weather conditions


Possibility to choose side elements, mounted between columns, in any system, both PVC and aluminum


For comfort in using the garden throughout the year:
– use of tilting windows, mechanically or electrically controlled
– the use of a ventilation turbine with a multi-stage flow regulation
– possibility of mounting hygrostered diffusers


Combined (one or two-chamber) with increased thermal insulation properties, without annoying dark glare and the “dirty curtain effect”. The possibility of using a large number of glass combinations: safety, anti-burglar, ornamental, tempered and many others.

Insulated glass is mounted in the roof of the winter garden, in which the outer pane is 6 mm thick tempered glass, and the inner pane is laminated glass 44.2, with heat transfer coefficients, solar energy and light selected for individual customer needs.




Due to the use of window elements in ALUHAUS systems in vertical walls, the security of garden construction depends on the equipment of vertical walls, which can be increased by using:

  • In the anti-burglary windows of the WK1 and WK2 fittings, equipped with Safety Plus anti-burglary catches cooperating with special i.S (intelligente Sicherheit) pins, which permanently and firmly hold the sash, while ensuring light and precise work of the fitting.
  • The GU Secury Automatic series multi-point lock doors and class IV inserts
  • Filling with glass class not lower than P4
  • The use of glazing beads PRESTIGE series
  • The use of special screws securing the pressure strips, improving safety, and extending the trouble-free use of aluminum joinery
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