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Are you looking for a door that will fit not only your home, but also your personal style? Will they give you the opportunity to express yourself, but at the same time ensure your family warmth and maximum security? It doesn’t matter if you focus on functionality, exclusive design or durability. ALUHAUS doors will meet all your requirements.

Technology that exceeds your expectations.

The combination of many years of experience, professionalism of our specialists and precise mechanical machining carried out by digitally controlled machines guarantees the creation of aluminum doors that meet the most demanding expectations. Constant control of the production process of manufactured doors and panels ensures above-average quality of offered goods. They are characterised not only by unique aesthetics, but also a high level of security and energy efficiency. The richness of models and the ability to give the door an individual feature, thanks to the choice of colours, patterns of filling or finishing elements is their additional advantage. The guarantee of the highest quality of ALUHAUS products is the OKNOPLAST Group – one of the leading manufacturers of joinery and a leader in innovation in Europe. All our products are marked with the CE mark in accordance with EN 14351-1. The doors marked in this list of persons have parameters of tightness, strength and water resistance are required by EN 14351-1.

Technical parameters:

-air permeability class 4, EN 12207
-water resistance class 7A, EN 12208
-thermal insulation Ud from 0.84 W / (m²K)
-wind load resistance up to class BE 2400 / CE 2400, EN 12210

Technical description of the door system:

-total door thickness 75 mm
-panel 62 mm or 76 mm thick, built of two aluminum sheets 3 mm thick (outer sheet) and 2 mm (inner sheet);
-the entire space is filled with material containing high thermal insulation
-standard door size 1100 x 2250 mm
-heat transfer coefficient Ud for the entire door is already from 0.84 [W / m²K],
-all profiles can be equipped with additional thermal insulation inserts closing the middle space of the profiles (optional). 

Standard equipment:

-vertical grip from the outside improves the aesthetics and facilitates the door latching,
-anodised inner handle on an oblong or split plate,
-surface hinges adjustable in three planes,
-ring rosette protecting the insert against burglary,
-key insert without locking, enabling the door to be opened when it is left in the lock from the inside,
-Security Automatic 2 – a door self-locking lock at three points with adjustable latches located on the frame part.


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